Best Tips on Exercising For Asthma Sufferers

Usually asthmatic sufferers are frighten to get involve in strenuous activities such as exercise, they are worried that they might get an attack during the exercise activity. However, many experts believe that regular exercise in the right and proper way will bring significant advantages, physical and mental health to sufferers.
The most common symptoms of asthma that usually occur during exercise is coughing, tightness, pain in the chest, and shortness of breath. When these symptoms occur, you should stop the physical activity immediately.
Here are some useful tips to prevent the asthma attack during exercise activity. Firstly, choose the certain kind of exercise that really can handle well. Some great choice of exercise for asthma sufferers are walking, swimming, riding a bike, and also hiking. 
These kinds of exercise needs less physical move than tennis, hockey, gymnastics, long distance running and many others. Alternatively, if you do not have an ideal of what kind to choose, y…

Infants With Asthma-Know Easy Answer

As parents with children you want them to be healthy, but more and more children are getting asthma these days. Babies with asthma are especially prone to developing this condition.
However, asthma can be controlled, and in some cases your child may even outgrow their susceptibility. There are many things that you can teach your children to do which will help them deal with asthma on a day to day basis.
If they succeed in learning to control it, well then they will be able to do everything else their friends do without feeling like they are inferior. Asthma is defined by doctors as an illness in which the passageways to the lungs narrow drastically, restricting the airflow.
Children may have a whistling sound when they exhale, and asthmatic infants may develop a cough at night. Asthma may also be more noticeable after children exercise or run around outside; they will become short of breath and find it harder to breathe normally.
There are many things which can trigger the lining in …

Causes of asthma Part 2 - By Dr.Karim

Causes Of Asthma The main component of bronchial asthma is Airflow obstruction
This airflow obstruction is due to 3 factors: A-Contraction of the airway smooth muscle(Bronchoconstriction) Smooth muscle tissue is a type of muscle tissue found in blood vessels, digestive tract, some sphincters and bronchioles. This type of muscle tissue is innervated by the autonomic nervous system thus it is involuntary acting.
In a normal individual, bronchial smooth muscle tissues relax causing dilatation of the airways when more oxygen supply is needed as in fight or flight, they contract causing bronchoconstriction when there is no demand for more oxygen as during rest and sleep.
In an asthmatic, there is an exaggerated bronchoconstriction and airway narrowing on exposure to allergens. This is due to hyperresponsiveness of their airways ( This was discussed in the previous article). B-Increased secretion of the epithelial glands Airways are lined by epithelial cells and epithelial glands that secrete…

Causes of asthma Part 1 - By Dr.Karim

It is chronic inflammation of the respiratory airways characterized by: – Air flow obstruction that is reversible either spontaneously or with treatment.
– Airway hyperresponsiveness to many stimuli.
– Genetic predisposition (it tends to run in families). It is the most common chronic respiratory disorder among all age groups. Chronic is a medical term which means that this disease tends to persist more than 3 months. Another example of chronic illnesses are hypertension (persistent high blood pressure above 120/80 ) and diabetes mellitus (persistent high plasma glucose level above 110 mg/dl after fasting for 8 hours).
Inflammation means redness, hotness, swelling, pain and loss of function of the affected organ. It is an immune system response to any harmful stimuli such as injury, infection and irritation. Inflammation is a beneficial response as the inflamed organ gets increased blood supply through the dilatation of its supplying blood vessels. This helps in increasing the rate of …

Top Causes And The Easiest Way To Prevent Childhood Asthma

Clinical studies show that household dust mites allergens are the number one cause and the biggest culprit of childhood asthma. Other common allergens such as animal dander (dry dead flaking skin), mold, cockroaches, household chemicals, pollens and tobacco smoke are also main offenders.
Actually speaking, asthma is not caused by allergens, the more suitable terminology word ‘trigger’ is the factor that develop asthma. So what causes asthma? It is important to understand that these allergens especially dust mites are very dangerous especially for a developing child’s health which you do not want to take for granted. Also it is important to realize that Though every home will have dust mites or some other common allergens present, no matter how clean you try to keep your house, you will never completely eliminate them. 
However, how clean you keep your house will determine the amount or the populations. They thrive in humid environments, feed on dead skin and are living in all fibrous…

An Overview Of Chronic Asthma

In many, chronic asthma, being a severe condition affects the person’s lifestyle. So much so they might need special medical attention or possibly be hospitalized.
A shortage of air to and from the lungs results when there’s a flare up in the airways. The lungs are in constant need of air, and without it the consequences could be fatal.
The National Institute of Health classifies asthma into four types. They include mild intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, and severe persistent. Those with chronic asthma are placed in the severe persistent group.
The symptoms in the other three types are different than chronic asthma. Symptoms of severe asthma such as wheezing, sudden chest tightness, and breathlessness will happen daily as opposed to other types. When the bronchial tubes are close and completely blocked, the air is not able to pass through, then sometimes wheezing would not been heard.
It is advisable for sufferers to take along their medication wherever they go. Thi…

A Comprehensive View-Of Asthma Diagnosis

Diagnosis of asthma is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment of asthma according to the severity of the condition. It is a very challenging process because sometimes the signs might not be clear and some disease are similar to the symptoms of asthma which makes difficult in a thorough diagnosis. The process includes family gathering and medical history, a physical examination and different test results.
Prior to your visit to the doctor, observe carefully and remember when the signs and symptoms appear, whether it is morning or night. Also take notice while you are exercising or at work, what months of the year and also how severe your symptoms are and other significant details. This will assist you to answer your doctor’s questions as accurately as possible to determine the treatment accordingly. Asthma diagnosis – Spirometry: Spirometry is an important test for asthma diagnosis as it is used to check how well the lungs function. A spirometer is used to measure inhalation…

When You Have Asthma-And Exercise

When you have asthma, your mind will always wonder with negatives thoughts whether you can do the exercise correctly and safely.
There are many things you can do to minimize the chances of an asthma attack while taking small steps to get yourself into better condition physically.
First of all, understand that Asthma is a chronic lung disease characterized by coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. Attacks can be worsened by lots of things including dust, smoke, allergen exposure or physical exertion.
One important advice is to always keep a rescue medication such as inhaler in hand. For instance if you are playing sport like soccer, basketball or football, make sure your coach has an inhaler in the medical tackle kit for easy access. It is also advisable for your parent or guardian who accompanies you to keep one as a backup measure in case the situation arises.
If you have spent the night coughing or wheezing or if you have a cold and your chest feels constricte…

About Different Types of Asthma Medications

Most of the people around the world use different kind of medications as you can find in the present market, for a relief from asthma attacks. Some of the people are also trying to use some natural remedies which shows slow results. It has been observed in winter and seasonal changes, many people suffer from this asthma.
Some of the medication that are used to control asthma symptoms are preventers, inhalers, relievers. However you use a different kind of inhalers on your doctor’s advice. Most of the doctors also warn sufferers not use Aspirin as a remedy for asthma because the usage of pharmaceutical drug like aspirin is increasing the symptoms of asthma.
Even though you can find a wide range of remedies in the present market, most of the people are interested to use relievers. These relievers will provide instant relief from asthma symptoms by soothing the muscles of breathing system. However If you are using this reliever medication more than three to four times in a week, then yo…

Know Your Options And Treatments In Fighting Asthma

There are various types of treatments for asthma today in the market.
People who suffer from the breathing disorder have quite a few options to consider. However this option is not suitable for pregnant person. Doctors can prescribe a number of medications that prove to be successful in reducing the symptoms associated with the disease.
In a woman’s life, one of the most exciting times is when she is expecting a baby. During this period, the pregnant woman goes through a lot of emotional and physical changes which are unexpected and uncomfortable. A woman can have sleepless nights, become irritable and also feel sick.
Breathing problems, in addition to all the other symptoms of pregnancy can really be a burden. Appropriate asthma treatments that can be administered during pregnancy can put the woman’s mind at ease. However, finding asthma treatments is not always so easy especially if you are pregnant.
Asthma is quite common in every countries around the world. Anyone who has suffere…