Is sex safe for asthmatics?

According to Sigmund Freud, a psycho-sociologist, he explained that sex (coitus) belongs to the physiologic needs of a person. Moreover, several sexual therapists also believe that this intimate activity serves as a form of active exercise, which can promote physical and psychological health.
However, sex is always an issue for people suffering from bronchial asthma. As a matter of fact, asthmatic individuals may suffer from altered sexual needs and later can affect their marital relationship. Is sex safe for asthmatics?This is the most common question that may preoccupy the thoughts of an asthmatic person. But this question is often raised by them because of the stigma it generates to an individual’s self-esteem. Furthermore, physicians are not including this issue during the consultation process.
As a result, it is often disregarded and may lead to solitary isolation caused by inability to enjoy sexual intercourse. Current Trends of Sex and AsthmaAccording to a study made by the researc…

Asthma 101: Mastering the Basic Procedure of Nebulization-By Edter

Bronchial asthma is a life-threatening respiratory problem that does not exempt anyone. This condition can affect both men and women, young and old.
As a matter of fact, it has been enlisted by the World Health Organization as one of the top leading cause of mortality and morbidity cases across the globe. In line with this, several therapeutic regimens and preventive measures were designed to control the number of cases.
Among these favorable treatment procedures is the use of nebulization (a dispenser that turns a liquid into a fine mist). This procedure is also used as a primary treatment for other respiratory problems that involve thick and tenacious sputum. So, what is nebulization and how it is used properly?

Learning the Basic Keys of Nebulization
Nebulization is classified as a dependent nursing care because it requires a doctor’s order to administer medicine for asthmatic patients. However, nurses can educate the folks of the patient (parents or adults) on how to use the device in …

Top Asthma Busting Food Powers

Eating food to your heart’s content has always been everyone’s motto. This principle is applied every time people are facing sets of delectable foods. It may sound satisfactorily appealing for others but not as favorable for asthmatics.
Bronchial asthma is similar to other endocrine problems such as diabetes mellitus. People suffering from these health problems may have well-planned eating habits and limits their ability to select food choices.
Despite from its being a respiratory problem, which is not related to any metabolic anomalies but allergy triggers the condition. This simply explains the reason, why asthmatics must take a strict diet precautionary measure.
Before you about to horde foods that meet your eyes, take time to reflect and ask yourself, is this safe for my condition? Can I enjoy eating this food without worrying of my health? Will I still be living healthily if I continue to eat this?
After reflecting on these questions, will you still put that food into your mouth…

Corticosteroids: Understanding the Key Treatment for Asthma

Aside from bronchodilators, steroids and other forms of anti-inflammatory drugs serve as key treatments for bronchial asthma. This type of medication is different from steroids used by gym and fitness enthusiasts.
The steroids prescribed for asthma works to reduce the extent of airway inflammatory responses, swelling of the respiratory tract (bronchi and bronchioles), and prevents the production of thick and tenacious mucus. As a result, this medication can improve the lung capacity of an asthmatic person. What are the Different Types of Anti-Inflammatory and Steroidal Medications?Basically, there are three types of steroids commonly prescribed for people suffering from bronchial asthma. These include immunomodulators , mast cell stabilizers, and leukotriene modifiers or inhibitors.
Furthermore, each type has its distinctive form and way of administration. Some steroids are taken orally while others are injectable and used as an inhalant. These types of medication are also classified und…

10 Steps to Asthma Self Help by Isabelle Boulay

Managing asthma is not something your doctor can do for you all by himself. Asthma self help is an important part of treating and managing your condition so that it doesn’t take over your entire life. Your doctor may prescribe both daily medication and medication to take in case of an acute asthma episode, but the task of minimizing risk of asthma attack and taking care of yourself on a daily basis is largely up to you and your family.

Learning some key asthma self help tricks can help you keep your asthma under control so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily life.

Because asthma can be caused, triggered or worsened by so many things, there are many things that you can do to lessen the frequency and severity of the symptoms. Your doctor will offer important suggestions in addition to medication to help you manage your asthma. Think of those suggestions as a personalized asthma self help plan. A major part of asthma self help involves avoiding asthma triggers.Some ways that you can …

Sex-Related Allergies Causing Asthma-Rare Article By Edter

Undeniably, sex can jeopardize the current health condition of an asthmatic person. This had led them to look for other alternatives that can gratify their personal satisfaction. Basically, there are various types of sex that can benefit people suffering from asthma.
Some sexual practices can easily gratify the satisfaction of a person. However, these particular practices are still considered unsafe for them because in other way, it can still distress the respiratory functions.
Furthermore, sex is not the only main trigger of asthma attack. There are other factors related to sexual intercourse that can also precipitate the condition. These factors may be classified as allergens that can contribute to the systemic lung malfunction.
What is the Other Sex-Related Factors Causing Asthma?Researchers and asthma specialist in Melbourne, Australia found out that sex is not just the main culprit of asthma attack during this intimate activity. There are other underlying factors that can predisp…

Nocturnal Asthma: Respiratory Distress during Night Times

Nocturnal Asthma is a situational-related form of disease that usually occurs at night times. It has similar clinical manifestations, wherein asthmatics may suffer from chest tightness, difficulty of breathing, and inability to acquire complete sleep.

An asthmatic individual suffering from night asthma may exhibit lightheadedness, poor concentration level, tiredness during daytime, huge bags under their eyes, and lack of energy. If they continue suffering from this condition, eventually this can lead to a more serious problem including neurological (psychological, as well), and cardiovascular health issues.

The importance of providing a good night sleep and well-controlled asthma before bedtime can prevent these critical complications.

Current Findings of Nocturnal Asthma

Sleep technicians, asthmatic specialists, and clinicians from California, USA found out that 1 out of 100 Americans with asthma suffers from restlessness and respiratory distress related to their condition before reti…

Is Exercise Induced Asthma A Different Form Of Asthma?

Initially, doctors thought that this was an entirely different form of asthma, but it is now known that it is common for asthmatic sufferers to have asthma attacks during exercise which happens only during or shortly after exercise occasionally. These people do have asthma that is triggered by the exercising, however the asthma is not caused by exercising. In other words, the asthma existed in the person before the exercise, however it is a mild case of asthma, which is brought out by the heavier, faster breathing brought on by exercise. Doctors are puzzled why children get exercise-induced asthma much more than adults and the simple truth is that the majority of adults do not exercise or play as children do. Increased breathing during exercise that causes cooling and drying of the lining of the air passages can trigger exercise-induced asthma. This explains why warm moist air protects against exercise-induced asthma. Swimmers are fortunate in that, especially with indoor pools, the a…

Diet for Asthma-Easy Way to Avoid Asthma by Jeramey Thompson

Diet For Asthma Asthma is the condition in which lungs are inflamed and airway swells to block the passage. Kids suffering from asthma attack may feel breathlessness, tightness, cough and whistling sound on breathing. The sensitive airway tightens the muscles of the respiratory tract and it reduces the amount of air passing through the lungs. It can affect anybody from a kid to adult.

According to certain research, it has been found that people who consume greater amount of vitamin C, Vitamin E, magnesium, flavonoids, selenium, omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotene suffer less from asthma. Kids who ate more of Mediterranean diet which included a number of apples, grapes, nuts and tomatoes suffered less from asthma. The cases of asthma have risen in the last three decades and researchers believe the change in diet and environmental conditions has a direct effect on asthma triggers. In children a number of food products can trigger an attack. It is assumed that if the body is not provid…

Managing Asthma Through Physiotherapy by James Smi

Physiotherapy Asthma management is a concern for about 15 million people in America. There are many different medications and other treatments used successfully for asthma management. However, some methods used are not quite proven to work. Some physiotherapy clinics claim that massage can be used for asthma management. They state that it works to relieve the symptoms of wheezing and breathlessness. They use massage on patients young and old. However, there is no substantial proof that massage does any more good for asthma management than to relieve stress. One alternative physiotherapy method that has been used for asthma management is acupuncture. There is some indication that this technique can actually have some benefit in relieving symptoms of asthma. Acupuncture does seem to help the immune system fight off illnesses. This is important in helping asthma management. Illnesses such as colds or flu will exacerbate the asthma condition. If acupuncture can reduce this, it is a great…