Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Children Asthma Symptom

In the world today, air pollution is increasing day by day, affecting children with asthma which is almost to epidemic proportions.

There are different ways to treat asthma in children and most of them pose some unique challenges. Even though asthma has become common in children, it is still not often treated correctly. 

If asthma is not handled correctly, it can be out of control and decrease the quality of life or even increase childhood asthma attacks. So this is why it is important to learn as much as possible about this potentially critical but treatable disease.

Asthma inhalers which comes in two different types are the most common of treatment for asthma in any person.. One is used to control asthma attacks and wheezing when they first occur and also help stop the symptoms. The other inhaler is used as a preventative measure and for long-term treatment.

Regardless of whether you are treating asthma in children or symptoms that adults have, the final result is always the same. The main difference between asthma in children and asthma in adults is that it is not easy to treat the kids. 

As we should understand, they cannot always be under close supervision and sometimes they might forget to take their medication.

As kids, if they are new to having asthma, they may not know when they will have an attack and that they need someone’s help. They might be unaware of it an continue playing that lead to an asthma attack, turning a serious problem into a potentially life-threatening one.

The best way to treat children with asthma is to have a good doctor to provide the appropriate and adequate treatment. The doctor should also explain to your child the risks and the precautions to be taken. 

As there are different types of inhalers and treatment that are being introduced at all times, it would be wise to have a good doctor with knowledge of the latest technologies that will make a lot easier in treating asthmatic children.