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5 Common Household Asthma Triggers

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This article will be very informative for everyone especially people who are suffering from asthma.

There are five common factors in many households that can trigger asthma attack. Remember prevention can help to lessen its severity and not a cure.

1. Mold

Mold is a common trigger for asthma attacks. Obviously mold in the walls or elsewhere in the structure of your house such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms is a serious problem.

To help avoid mold growth, wash and disinfect these rooms regularly and make sure the wet laundry are hang out to dry as quickly as possible to avoid mold growth.

2. Smoke

Cigarette, cigars, pipes and any other tobacco products that produce smokes are major triggers for asthma. If you are smoker, quitting will have major positive benefits on not only your asthma but your health in general. Likewise if you live with someone who is a smoker, do everything you can to convince them to quit. It will help both of you feel better.

3. Dust

Keep your home as dust-free as possible because dust also contributes to asthma attacks. Using a cylinder vacuum with a sealed canister will help as less dust to escape back into the air.

If your home is carpeted, make sure the carpets are vacuumed and/or shampooed regularly. The same goes for any heavy drapery in your home. These are both major dust collectors and that dust will get back into the air you breathe if not kept at bay.

4. Mattresses & Pillows

Most mattresses and pillows are also dust collectors. Using a hypoallergenic mattress and pillows, also the same type of covers will have major benefits for your asthma.

Alternatively, if you cannot or afford to replace your existing bedding with hypo-allergenic, at least make sure you clean your bedding materials regularly like vacuuming the pillows and mattress directly to help reduce dust inside them.

5. Pets

Pet dander is also a common trigger for asthma attacks. If you have pets, you may not be able to avoid it completely, but keeping them out of your living areas and bedroom will help to reduce the effects for the majority of your time in the house.


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