Asthma Facts That You Might Not Know About

Causes of asthma

Since asthma is a chronic disease, just like diabetes and high blood pressure,it cannot be cured, so even when it is not showing any symptoms and you feel just fine but it is still there and can react at any time. It is not something that will go away, once you develop asthma you are likely to have it all through your life,but can keep it under control.

Here are some facts about asthma:

– many people suffer from asthma all over the world.
– people in developing and developed countries are more prone to developing asthma.
– many people die of asthma in big developed countries every year.
Asthma is one of the primary chronic childhood diseases and a major cause in childhood disability limiting the capacity to learn, play or sleep.
Asthma requires daily attention like monitoring your breathing and taking medicine even when you do not have symptoms. It becomes a routine part of you life.
You can keep your asthma under control by taking your medicines as prescribed, avoiding asthma triggers and monitoring.
Without treatment, asthma attack become more frequent and severe sometimes leading to death.
You can help prevent asthma attacks by identifying and avoiding your triggers.
Cigarette smoking increases your chances of developing asthma as an adult and second-hand smoking can cause childhood asthma.
Asthma is the third cause for hospitalization among children below the age of 15.
Asthmatics are more likely to have attacks when the ozone levels are high, increasing their sensitivity to pet dander, dust mites, pollen and mold.
Recent studies have shown that the inflammation in the airways persists even among people with asthma who are free of symptoms and have normal lung function measurements.
Usually, people who are having an asthma attack look like their gasping for air, but in fact it is easier to breathe in than to breathe out. Air gets trapped in the lungs making them overinflated. Asthmatics try to push the increasing amount of air out of their long and through the irritated airways.
Properly treating and monitoring asthma symptoms and controlling ,people who suffer from this disease can live perfectly normal lives.

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