Asthma Symptoms

If are you suffering from shortness of breath,do you pant after a light exercise,do you experience a tight feeling in the chest very often,do you cough or wheeze after crying or laughing? If yes, you are probably an asthmatic person. The above are some of the symptoms that asthmatic people suffer. These symptoms are triggered because the bronchial tubes are inflamed and irritated, causing them to contract. This narrows the air passages and disrupts breathing.

Asthma symptoms are experienced in varying degrees. Some may experience mild symptoms, while some may have life-threatening conditions. You can suffer from asthma symptoms once every few months, every week or even every day. Mostly, these symptoms are caused by changes in the airways. Different irritants, such as pollen, dust, extreme weather and tiredness, can be considered culprits.

The Importance of Learning about Asthma Symptoms

Bronchial asthma or ASTHMA is a disease that can be life threatening. It is IMPORTANT that, as an asthmatic person, you know how to recognize asthma symptoms so you can take the necessary preventive measures before your condition worsens. 

To alleviate your symptoms, you can take medication or vitamins. You can also try homeopathy, acupuncture and meditation.
Because symptoms vary from person to person, you should at least be familiar with the most common symptoms. Coughing is usually one. Do you have a cough that is worse in the early morning or at night? 

Do you wheeze a lot? A tight feeling in your chest, panting or shortness of breath may also point to asthma. Watch out for frequent allergies as well.
One should always be upfront when it comes to identifying asthma symptoms.