Basic Facts to Know About the Two Main Types of Asthma

Asthmatic patients have a pulmonary dysfunction that makes breathing difficult or even impossible. This is a problem that can hamper a person’s quality of life and even lead to death. 

Asthma comes in two forms and can have many underlying causes. Physicians have a variety of options available to treat patients.

People who think they might have asthma need to understand the condition. When lungs function normally, a person inhales and the lungs process oxygen. The person then exhales. When someone with this pulmonary disorder has an attack, the lungs become narrow and breathing in or out is difficult. The lungs constrict and inflammation causes swelling.
Allergies occur when the body’s immune system overreacts to a substance the individual has contact with. This can lead to breathing problems. Exercise is also a cause of attacks in some people. With occupational triggers, workers inhale substances in the workplace that lead to attacks. 

Finally, when someone experiences a frequent, non-productive cough, he may have cough variant asthma.
It’s very difficult to find out whether a patient has the cough variant of the condition. This is because, in this form, the patient often has normal lung function. Doctors usually use the same medications to treat cough variant that are used to treat the more common type. 

Only a doctor is able to provide a patient with an accurate diagnosis and determine the best way to treat the condition. It is important that patients with both the constriction form and the cough variant consult with a physician.
Doctors determine the course of treatment by considering what triggers the attacks and how bad the symptoms are. One of the approaches to dealing with occupational or allergic triggers is to avoid the specific substances that lead to symptoms. 

Patients have the option to have an allergy test to see what they’re allergic to. Many patients also have good results when the allergies are treated.
A number of medications are available that doctors can use when treating symptoms. Some medications help prevent the occurrence of flare-ups. This kind of medicine needs to be taken each day. When someone experiences breathing difficulties, they can use a rescue inhaler to immediately clear up the attack. 

Sometimes doctors decide that the best course of treatment is to use both kinds of medication. This provides the best overall results for patients.
Asthma can lead to serious consequences for the asthmatics. It’s a medical condition that requires a doctor’s care. Physicians find the treatments that work best for each patient. 

Conclusion patients can manage and control their symptoms and live their lives to the fullest, even with asthma.