Breathing Easier With Asthma

Usually children are the most high profile sufferers of asthma. It is a common disease associated with air pollution in the respiratory organ.It is a disorder of the reactive airway. The airways are known as the bronchioles and/or bronchi. They are made smaller or blocked when they are in a reactive mode towards certain stimuli. Bronchial tubes spasm, too much mucus can be released, or the mucous membrane lining of the air tubes may swell. Any one of the above can block the airway and make breathing difficult.

Mild asthma includes coughing, shortness of breath, or brief wheezing after exercise or physical exertion. Also suffering these symptoms a couple of times a week without them being caused by such exertion.
Moderate asthma includes shortness of breath, troublesome resting breathing, increased breathing rate in order to compensate for not absorbing enough air with normal breaths.
Severe asthma is betrayed by heavy wheezing and obvious respiratory problems  as well as low blood oxygen levels also known as hypoxemia.
For asthma sufferers to reduce the airway restriction and inflammation and treat any allergic reactions, medication is necessary. A very severe asthma attack might require a respirator to get someone over the attack, and in that case time is of the essence in getting the patient to a facility that can quickly attach them to such a device.
There are two main types of asthma, extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic is due to factors outside or external to the body, while intrinsic asthma refers to allergens inside the body.
External negative stimuli can include things like pollen, pets (especially cat dander), dust, mold spores, air pollution, and indoor air particles from things like smoking and fireplace ash and soot. Internal negative stimuli can triggers like changes in hormone levels, heat and humidity levels, high stress, tiredness, and chemical fumes.
To a conclusion that while medication is the only prevention for asthma attack, there are other lifestyle choices that can be made to reduce the incidence of asthma attacks especially in children.
Since most people would find difficult to move from a geographical high air polluted area to a cleaner air, the indoor environment is one of the best controlled area. To control this condition, the choice is do not have any pets with have fur. Chemical fumes or eradicate mold spores and also smoking should also be avoided. At all times asthmatic sufferers should not be stressful similarly for children, a very reasonable bedtimes so as to keep their body well rested.
Remember asthma can be turned into a curable and a well-being normal livable condition with some efforts and the miracle of modern asthma medications.