Easy and Simple Asthma Treatment-From Detection of Asthma Symptoms Onwards

In most tropical countries, asthma is the top killer disease and precaution and treatment must be taken into consideration seriously.

It can be a common disease but for asthma sufferers it can be considered as a number one enemy and a big hindrance in fulfilling their dreams in life. Living a life with asthma is not easy though, imagine working so hard, yet cannot enjoy livelihood as non-asthmatics.

What are asthma symptoms?

Difficulty in breathing is a common sign. This is because certain cells in airways of your lungs, when a stimulus triggers, release chemical substances called “mediators”, resulting to inflammation. When inflammation occurs, the airway passages also swell and the cells in those passages will produce excess mucus and the airway opening narrows.
Knowing these reactions inside the lungs makes the asthma treatment simple. Asthma causes the patient to be extremely sensitive to his surroundings. His attack can be triggered by very common and simple factors like dust, feathers, pollens, cigarette smoke or extreme odors. 

Symptoms also appear when there are respiratory infections present like colds, flu, bronchitis and sore throat or too much exertion and emotional stress such as fear or excitement.
Another treatment process is to disallow the patient to carry heavy items and also from watching and listening horror or any exciting movies. Excitement like winning the lottery or any state of surprises should be carefully dealt with to prevent attacks. Asthma symptoms can also appear again due to weather conditions such as very cold, windy or sudden changes of temperature . 

Briefly, asthma causes wheezing, chronic or recurring cough, getting worse during nights and early mornings, pain or tight feeling in the chest, shortness of breath, agitation and flaring of nostrils when breathing.
It is known that hyperinflation of asthmatic patients make their shoulders appear hunched forward, hence most have no perfect posture and usually do not prefer to lie down.
So should your life be different and make it more miserable than normal? Well, it is only if you delay your asthma treatment.

The first best step is, to know and observe the asthma symptoms.

Treatment and prevention can also include:

  • cleaning the house and washing the bed-dings more regularly,
  • avoiding pets with furs or feathers like dogs and cats (you can also consider pets like iguana, fish; or even snakes)
  • replacing upholstered furniture with leather or vinyl,
  • avoiding carpets and replacing them with hardwood floors or tiles,
  • keep the humidity in the house low.Most of all, if symptoms are persistent, see your doctor and get some medical advice. If dealt with accordingly, asthma can be outgrown by its patients. 
Though asthma might be a killer disease but today many people have learn to live with it. Do not let this disease be a hindrance from fulfilling your dreams. 

Take some extra effort and measures and you can live a more enjoyable and meaningful long life.