How To Lessen Asthma With Exercise And Other Activities?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that attacks your respiratory system.

Symptoms are characterized by wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing. Asthma is either genetically or environmentally acquired. The asthma attacks may be triggered by viral respiratory infections, heavy exercise and allergens, airway irritants, dust, fur, mites and cockroaches that will worsen asthma and may lead to an attack.
If you have a negative thought that you cannot do some exercise because of your condition, you are wrong.
The following practices below might just help you to lessen or prevent asthma attacks:
1. You must always keep your pets clean
2. Avoid smoking and stay away from smokers because cigar smoke is not good for the lungs.
3. Avoid smelling flowers with pollen and molds.
4. Frequently wash your bedding and furry toys and pillows using warm water.
5. Wash your hands to remove dirt and viruses that may trigger asthma.
6. Wearing protective mask will help to avoid asthma viruses.
We have enumerated how to avoid asthma, what about exercise.
Most doctors say that a person with asthma can still exercise provided that he takes the necessary precautions to avoid asthma from becoming worse.
Almost all doctors all over the world agreed that to prevent asthma from an attack while exercising, it is advisable that the sufferer should have in hand his nebulizer and other medications needed. Whenever he feels that his asthma is getting worse, he can quickly grab his medicines to counteract the attack. You should also know the limits of your body.
Some exercises are not suitable and advisable for a person with asthma. It indeed helps to strengthen body but it will just induce asthma.
If a person who exercised induced asthma, he can do some enjoyable activities such as walking, swimming, biking, skiing, sprinting, and team sports like basketball. Anyway, there are so many activities that are considered exercise, it gives you an opportunity to select from those and enjoy.
Asthma is not a psychological state of mind but a physiological disease that must be treated. Remember If you do not like to develop asthma, take all the necessary precautions.
Life is more important than money. No amount of cash or money can be compared to saving a life. You should not worry about the expenses that may incur for the treatment of asthma. But then prevention is better than cure.