Learn About The Most Common Household Asthma Triggers

It is obviously a miserable life for most asthma sufferers. At times it makes the patients feel like a fish out of water for breath.

There are several triggers that people with asthma have to learn to be aware of and avoid whenever possible.
Asthma Triggers include the hair of our furry companions. People with asthma can live comfortably with an animal especially with a hypoallergenic pet. For someone with a severe condition, a goldfish might be the perfect pet. However there are animals that do not act as Asthma Triggers that is the non-shedding dog breeds like the Schnauzer and Poodle.
Another Asthma Trigger is in public where people smoke. As many states have banned smoking in public building, this trigger is easier to avoid now. However people still have the right to smoke in their own private home so if at all possible try to avoid entering these homes.
Seasonal changes in the weather bring a host of Asthma Triggers. In spring, there is pollen floating in the air from all of the trees and the summertime brings asthma attacks for people who are sensitive to grass pollen. Late summer to early autumn is when the dreaded ragweed blooms and suffocates people with asthma. 

In winter, the cold air will make asthmatic lungs snap shut faster than anything. It is very important to try to keep the air an asthmatic breathes in humid at all times in the winter and to never be without their fast-acting inhaler.
Everyone wants to have a fresh and clean home but the price some asthmatics spend for the chemical based cleaners is worthless. The harsh chemicals used in some cleaners can be very irritable to the already sensitive lining of the lungs and breathing the fumes within seconds will cause an attack.
A good recommendation for someone who suffers from asthma is to make their own cleaners from natural products or use organic cleaners.