Occupational asthma

occupational asthma

About 15% of asthmatic patients have occupational asthma. What is occupational asthma? Occupational asthma is a lung disease that can be acquired by inhaling irritating chemicals and substances in the work environment.
Prolonged exposure to chemicals, fumes and gases can damage the lungs and can be fatal. Occupational asthma is a common work related disease of the lungs. Exposing yourself in high doses of hydrochloric acid and ammonia for a long time could lead you to wheezing and experience other symptoms of asthma.
Many people who are working in laboratories are misdiagnosed having bronchitis. Exposure from these irritants for a long time could damage your lungs and can cause permanent changes. Your Allergist can detect symptoms of allergies or asthma related. Early detection will avoid serious problems later on.
Symptoms of occupational asthma includes: cough, wheezing and tightness of the chest. Medical history and physician examination is very essential for diagnosis.
Blood and sputum laboratory test and chest x-ray are diagnostic procedures for determining occupational asthma.

If symptoms occur you need to change the process of handling chemicals and other substances that are irritating. You should be aware of your family medical history of asthma. 

Consult your doctor and have a medical check up for any possible damage in your lungs.Prevention is better than cure.

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