Prevent Asthma Attacks by Learning About These Asthma Triggers

Among the many ways the excellent ways to prevent asthma attacks is knowing your triggers and this indeed can be of big help for you to reduce or avoid asthma attack. Mostly, asthma triggers can be avoided and by being familiar with your triggers, you can actually help manage this disease.
Here are some of the triggers that you may want to pay attention to if you are an asthma sufferer and you are finding ways to prevent asthma attacks as well.
1. Exposure to pesticide and insect sprays. Avoid all these harsh chemicals at home. If you want to deal with cockroaches or other pests infesting your home, find ways to eradicate them without applying chemicals.
2. Strong perfumes and scents. Choose perfumes and scents at home that are not irritating to the nose. Choose something that is mild but of course, if you do not want to do some trial and error on this one, then avoid them if you can.
3. Flu and other respiratory infections.Respiratory diseases as well as influenza can be a start of an asthma attack. In fact, when you have cough and colds, this can trigger an asthma attack, thus you may want to consider preventing these simple infections as well.
4. Cigarette smoke. Positively, cigarette smoke can trigger an asthma attack, so stay away from second-hand smoke and stop smoking if you are an asthma sufferer.
5. Dust, dust mites and pollution. Small particles and dust mites can also irritate your airways and may cause a flare-up. Make sure to eliminate dust and dust mites in your home. Maintaining a clean home is of course, one solution to this. When going outdoors, you have to find ways to deal with air pollution, as this can also trigger asthma.
6. Too much exercise. Although exercise is advisable for those who have asthma, it is very important to consult your doctor for exercises that are good for you. Also avoid pushing yourself to your limits when it comes to exercising as this can also be an asthma trigger.
7. Allergies, sinusitis. Allergies can also be triggers of asthma, thus if you are allergy to something, then make sure that you avoid them at all cost.
8. Extreme temperatures. Exposure to extreme temperatures may also trigger asthma attack. Especially when you are exposed to sudden change in temperature, your airways may also be irritated and when you already have an inflamed airways that can also aggravate the condition.
10. Animal hairs or feathers. Although asthma sufferers can still be pet lovers, it is important to consider that animal hairs and feathers may also trigger asthma attack. Indeed, these little hairs especially that of cats can also irritate your air passageway and that may also cause flare-ups of asthma. If you are still planning to get a pet, think twice of the decision. If you already have one at home, then try your best to make your home free from these asthma triggers.
11. Intense emotions.Yes, too much of emotions can also trigger an asthma attack, therefore if you have this disorder, then attempt to find ways to manage your emotions and ways to stay calm when emotions surge.