Signs of Asthma Attacks

Asthma Attack - Flare Up

All over the world, people are affected with asthma, a chronic incurable lung disease.

What sets this disease apart from other respiratory diseases?

• Warning signs of asthma attacks help predict a flare up providing a chance for counter measures
• It is reversible with good treatment
• Can be controlled by taking the right medications and avoiding asthma triggers

What triggers an asthma flare up?

• Low or high temperature and humidity
• Windy and/or dusty conditions
• Increase in pollen count
• Decrease in environmental air quality
These triggers can be avoided by staying indoors during bad climate and also a well and better controlled home environment.

What are the early warning signs of asthma episodes?

Sneezing, runny nose, throat itchiness, coughing, headache, feeling tired, the use of reliever drugs more often than usual and shortness of breath caused by physical activities are some of the early warning signs of asthma.
Signs like insomnia, the reliever drugs brings less relief and if your breathlessness is getting worse indicates that your asthma is becoming severe. Immediate contact with your doctor is necessary.
It is always important that as soon as you recognize these signs, follow your medication action plan as prescribed.

Signs of critical asthma include:

  • Your reliever drug brings no relief at all,
  • Your peak flow remains in the red zone even after using rescue medication,
  • Difficulty in speech and walking.
  • Anxious and frightened as well as faint-headed.
When you experience this severe warning signs which is considered critical, you must ask to be taken immediately to the nearest hospital or emergency department.