The Answer To Your Question-What Are The Causes Of Asthma?

Asthma-What are the causes? Many people’s question. Problems in asthmatic are solved if you deal with their causes. So we should get to the root of this disease first. Knowing that enables us to avoid its causes. And that knowledge would help us combat asthma.

Before we look at what causes asthma, it’s perhaps best that we first define what it is. This is a chronic respiratory disease. What typically happens is that the airway passage gets an inflammation. 

This causes a blockage. And so air has a difficulty reaching the lungs. You then experience shortness of breath. And coughing and wheezing becomes intermittent. If this becomes worse, your chest also starts to tighten.
Various different causes of asthma,but all of them affect the people in the same method? You can be sensitive to some substances. And the person next to you can be immune to them. The main triggers of his attacks may be different. In the same way, you may not be affected by them.
Keep Your Environment Clean
The causes (also known as triggers) of asthma can be found anywhere. They could be in your own home. They could be at work. They can be in school. In fact, it’s possible to find them everywhere we go.
You should always keep your home clean. When dust mites, molds, pollens and pet dander are all around, they trigger these attacks. These allergens begin to elicit irritation in our air passages. And this is usually what leads to the so-called asthma attack. 

Breathing becomes shallow. And air cannot pass through your inflamed airway. You also start coughing and wheezing.
Air pollution also has the same effect on asthma patients. Cigarette smoke should also be avoided. You should be careful of the abrupt changes in temperature. You should not go out suddenly to cold outdoors. Scents are irritants too.
Beware Of What You Eat
Another aspect you should look into is your diet. Some foods are good for asthma. But there are also foods that cause it. Again, each food does not have the same effect on different persons. What usually cause the problem are the chemicals in our food. 

These are usually the preservatives and enhancers. One of these food chemicals is monosodium glutamate, commonly known as MSG. 

If you frequently eat in restaurants, you would be aware of this. Most foods in restaurants have MSG. They are usually added to enhance food taste. You should specifically ask about it to avoid asthma. Or you can frequent restaurants who serve organic food instead.
Tartrazine is also commonly used in our food. It usually comes as a coloring. And take note. It is present in our most common daily foods as well. It is in our cereals and soft drinks. Chewing gums, candies and ice cream have it too. 

Even chips and some honey products contain it. And it is not only present in our food. It is also in soaps, shampoos and other cosmetics.
Sulfites and sulfur dioxide are typically used as preservatives. They are found in wines, dried fruits and dried potatoes. Asthma patients usually get harmful effects from them. They cause respiratory irritation like sneezing and swelling of the throat, and then a full blown asthma attack.
Educating oneself with each cause is essential. But knowing how each food chemical affects you is imperative. Avoid those which trigger your attacks. 

Prevention is better than cure, now you know how to deal with this better and have got all the solutions to the question…what are the causes of asthma.