The Two Kinds Of Asthma Supplies And When To Use Them

As we know the miserable bouts of labored or difficult breathing is the hallmark of asthma.

In order to control or eliminate the miserable condition, every asthmatic patient rely on asthma supplies and also keep close in hand.
There are two types of asthma supplies that is ‘preventers’ as their name implies they only prevent attacks and the other is ‘relievers’ that are emergency supplies to control or stop an attack once it has begun.

Preventers: Long Term Solutions

As asthma attack is a frightening and painful affair. The victim struggles for breath and the more frightened or distressed he is, the more he will suffer. Naturally, all asthma sufferers want to avoid these debilitating bouts and they rely on preventers to reduce or eliminate this misery.
Preventers are taken over long periods of time, solely for the purpose of forestalling (preventing) attacks, or at least shortening them when they occur. They aren’t instant remedies, but instead must be taken over a period of months, or even years, if they are to be effective. Many asthma patients use them daily.
The steroid Hydrocortisone, is an example of a popular preventer. This powerful medicine is naturally produced by the adrenal glands and is highly effective at reducing inflammation, the cause of choked breathing. Specifically, asthma is a narrowing of the air passages in the lungs, caused by inflammation, and hence increased resistance to airflow. Hydrocortisone, over a period of time, reduces the inflammation, thus allowing for an easier passage of air.
It is well known that steroids cause serious side effects. Hydrocortisone is a “corticosteroid” that has effects such as insomnia,nausea, less appetite and sore throat. Compare to an “anabolic” steroid made famous by certain athletes, is usually a spray and if ingested in this manner, is supposedly less needed thus reducing any negative effects.
Preventers that are in liquid or pill form have more opportunity to build up in the body which is dangerous. Anyone using this kind of preventer needs to be in frequent contact with some kind of medical monitoring system.
Nedocromil and Cromolyn are preventers that are not steroids, and therefore not as strong. They are very popular with asthma patients whose illness is not as severe. Kids are often successfully treated with these milder medicines.
However Asthma preventers have no residual effects, meaning that once the patient ceases to take them, the inflammation regains a foothold and make the asthma attack severe.

Relievers: Emergency Supplies

The most common reliever is the bronchodilator, a fast relief within 20 minutes and the effects last for up to six hours. Relievers helps to expand the airways and improve the breathing of asthma patients so it normally taken when an attack is ongoing. It can also be used before vigorous exercise or when outdoors in cold air, strictly for preventative purposes.
It’s important and advisable for asthma patients to have both preventers and relievers on hand, depending upon the severity of their symptoms.
However always remember the fewer drugs intake, the better in asthma and all other medical conditions so medication should not be taken casually, but only whenever the need arises.