Understanding the Causes of Asthma

A certain fraction of people are born with asthma, others have their first asthma attack, much to their surprise, when they are middle aged or older. There are many different causes of asthma, and if you suffer from the condition, you will definitely want to know what has caused your asthma condition, as well as what triggers an asthma attack.

Typically it is the environment, or rather things that are in the environment, which bring on asthma attacks. However, asthma attacks can also occur from eating certain foods, drinking too much alcohol, being overweight, and not getting enough rest.
Environmental issues that can cause an attack of asthma include airborne allergens. This could be pet dander, dust or dust mites, pollen, mold, and even cockroaches. Smoke, including cigarette smoke, can also cause an attack of asthma. Living in areas that have a great deal of pollution in the air, as well as areas that are either too dry or too humid can also bring on an attack of asthma.
Under the atmosphere of too cold or too hot is often a problem for those who suffer from asthma, so it is important to maintain a comfortable temperature wherever you are. An asthma attack can also occur during or after physical exercise – especially if your body is not used to the exertion.
Women who suffer from asthma can actually have more instances of asthma attacks during their menstrual cycles. If you become ill with any type of respiratory, such as a cold, the flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia, you are more likely to have an asthma attack. You must also use caution when using medications. Always check with your doctor and the pharmacist to make sure that your risks of having an asthma attack are not increased with the use of any prescribed medication. Take the time to read the labels of over-the-counter medication to see if it is safe for someone who suffers from asthma.
Last but not least, prevent stress and anxiety if possible, as this is always detrimental to anyone who suffers from asthma. Strong emotional feelings – especially negative emotions – can also have an ill affect on your asthma. Educating to control your asthma is important, and you definitely need to talk to your doctor, and learn as much about the illness as possible. Only you and your doctor can determine why you have asthma in the first place – and most of the time, there is no easy answer to this question.