Ways To Treat Someone Having an Asthma Attack

Emergency Plans For Childhood Asthma

Most people would want to be free from asthma signs or symptoms, so to achieve this, they must follow the right medical advice at all times.
Asthma is one of the worst conditions that effects your main organ which enable you to survive, that is your breathing. Asthma attacks can happen at anytime due to a number of reasons, such as environmental conditions, stress and general asthma triggers.
You could be out with your friends when one of their children have an attack. Are you aware of how to deal with these situations? If you are able to provide the right asthma treatment, it might possibly save someone’s life.

Here are key points you should know.

During an asthma attack, the worst thing that comes into your mind is to put the person on their back immediately. You should always make the person feel as comfortable as possible and calm down the person’s breathing. Even though most asthma patients know the treatment to deal with an attack, you should always take the time to attend to them by asking how they feel and whether they have an inhaler on them.
If they don’t have an asthma inhaler on them, calm them down and ask if you should call anyone they know. Most asthmatics will have an inhaler on them as well as a card on what you should do in case of an attack.
An asthma attack can temporarily prevent the patient from being able to talk to you. This is the primary reason why asthma cards are so important to carry around with you. If there is such a card, just do as it says.
Aid them in using their inhaler. An inhaler is designed to deliver the right specific dose of asthma medication. These inhalers are created to help anyone feel better faster. Medication is so important during an asthma attack, if the patient doesn’t have his or her inhaler available, most doctors say that you can still use someone else’s inhaler or asthma medication. You should always try your best to use the right medication.
Always wait a few minutes before you use the inhaler again. Position the mouthpiece of the inhaler between the patient’s lips. You should have him or her breathe in when they are about to take in the medication. Wait for several seconds before you deliver another puff. Let the person tell you they need more medication. A spacer helps the person take the medication in a different form. This device will fit in between the asthma inhaler and the person's mouth.
If there is no spacer, then simply design your own one, take a magazine and roll it up. You should never leave a person after giving them their medication, always sit with them and help them out. Check to see their breathing improve or not. If it appears that they are not responding to the medication within ten minutes, call an ambulance.
While waiting for medical help, try and give them some more medication so as to help the person breathe better. Stay as calm as possible so that the person having the attack will also remain calm. If he panics, it will worsen the asthma attack and make more difficult for him to breathe. Remember always make the person feel calm.
This is the most important aspect. Learning these asthma treatment solutions concepts will let you deal more effectively with many emergency situations.