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Asthma Patch

Treatment during an asthma attack

Asthma Patch – In first quarter of 2013, several medical experts and clinicians have been inspired of creating a newer treatment for asthma. The advent of nicotine patch had pushed some pharmaceutical professionals to use this as a way of treating bronchial asthma.

What is a Patch ?

- adhesive piece of drug-impregnated material worn on the skin so that the drug can be absorbed gradually over a period of time. 

As part of recollecting the common factors that can cause this life-threatening respiratory problem, a skin patch made of attenuated allergens (particularly, dust mites) was used as a primary ingredient to treat asthma.

Something Interesting…: Asthma Patch Designed

A patch containing proteins sourced from dust mites has been designed. The patch is designed to be worn on the arm or stomach and gradually release small amounts of the protein onto the skin.

This method of treatment is classified as immunotherapy. It means that a certain causative agent is gradually presented to a person, in order for his immune system acknowledges it and will build up its own resistance level against the same pathogen. In other words, it mimics the art of desensitization.

It is sometime that exposes a person to a small amount of pathogen to create a degree of tolerance from it. This principle was adapted and later developed into an actual presentation of medicine. As a result,asthma patch was developed.

What is Asthma Patch?

It is composed of three distinctive layers. These include the following components with its unique purpose to benefit an asthmatic individual: 

  1. The innermost layer is known as the backing film. It is made of non-woven laminate and a polyester film. These materials are easily applied on the skin, which causes minimal discomfort when being attached. It creates a low amount of moisture, wherein the contents are gradually transmitted to the membranes of the skin. Furthermore, the additional pharmaceutical agents are closely guarded to prevent diffusion (spilling of medicine).
  2. The middle layer is known as the drug matrix. This layer is composed of polyisobutylene rubber. It has efficient rate of adhesion that can provide and sustain the effectiveness of the drug. Moreover, it allows the content of the patch to penetrate in the skin layer.
  3. The outermost layer is called liner. The surface of the liner is made of silicone and modified polyester. It protects the drug matrix and helps sustain the drug’s efficiency rate. This can lengthen the therapeutic effect.
The asthma patch is usually applied at the forearm, chest, and posterior back area. These areas are usually made up of several tissue membranes that can easily absorb the contents of the drug. However, the drug was not been officially disclosed for market selling because it still needs to undergo a series of clinical tests.

Recently, a pharmaceutical company created Formoterol which is a bronchodilator. Its first drug form is a capsule that must be taken orally. However, the manufacturer of this drug had developed a newer form. This form is now applied topically.

The contents of Formoterol are used as a long-term treatment for asthmatic individuals. In addition, several precautionary measures are taken into consideration when using the agent. This includes the thorough assessment of the asthmatic person’s peak flow meter.

The plasma levels should be monitored because the drug can elevate the plasma, which can complicate the current health condition of the users –(therefore use the asthma patch under the supervision of your medical practitioner).

– By Edterchelle Soriano.