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Bronchial Asthma Alternative Medicines

Did you know that there are other ways to relieve asthma attack? This is a common inquiry, whereas people living with bronchial asthma do not want to use any pharmaceutical products for their condition. Most people (especially those who have intensive behavior) will not use medicines after experiencing minimal side effects.

Furthermore, some asthmatics who have other existing illnesses such as diabetes mellitus or hypertension will often ask their doctor about the availability of alternative medicines. Using of non-medicine treatment for asthma was adapted by the American Medical Association.

In addition, medical experts in Asia also believed that using of alternative medicines are safe and effective for asthma cases. Is this the end for bronchodilators? Does alternative treatment serve as the asthma medication of the new era? Learn the different overviews of alternative medicines for bronchial asthma.

Top Five Alternative Treatment Modalities for Bronchial Asthma

Before you avail some of these treatments, you need to speak to your asthma specialist to determine the level of your tolerance. Some people may have different bodily response towards the treatment process. 

1.Herbal Remedies. 

There are approved herbal plants and extracts that can improve your lung capacity. These include pycnogenol, butterbur, and Indian frankincense. Homeopathic from Japan, Chinese, and India uses different blends of plant extracts that can promote lung functions. Some pharmaceutical products are using these active ingredients to create newer medications without any side effects. 

2.Breathing Techniques.


Breathing plays a crucial part for the improvement of the lung capacity. Most asthma specialist is advising their clients to participate in a group therapy that provides breathing exercises. Among these breathing techniques are Papworth method, Buteyko technique, and yoga exercises. Practicing these techniques can lower your chance of relying on asthma medications. 

3.Relaxation Techniques. 

Common asthma triggering factors such as tension and stress are eliminated through the help of relaxation techniques. If you are suffering from anxiety-induced asthma, you can rely on these activities (biofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and hypnosis). These activities soothe your mind and release any emotional conflicts that can affect your lung condition. 


This Ancient Chinese medicine involves the use of highly sterile and tiny needles that are pricked directly to the body’s focal points (strategic points). An expert acupuncturist knows where to place these needles that can relieve the clinical manifestations of asthma. However, never practice this alternative treatment alone. It may be helpful for your health but it can be dangerous at the same time.

5.Omega-3-Fatty Acid. 

The power of marine products such as mackerel, tuna, and salmon are rich in omega-3-fatty acids. This substance is proven to have great influence for the body inflammatory responses. It prevents asthma attack and promotes the condition of your heart.

When applying these practices, make sure that your body can tolerate it. Some people may have less adaptation level for these treatments and may end up having no therapeutic outcome even after using it for several times.

The main key to exploit the advantages of alternative medicine is attitude. Being optimistic and patience will reflect the outcome of these methods.

– By Edterchelle Soriano