Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Asthma Action Plan

An action plan for asthma can help you recognize early warning symptoms, and how to prevent an asthma attack.

An Action Plan for asthma is simply a written document that details your asthma triggers, usual symptoms, peak flow readings, and what actions to take at different stages of your asthma symptoms getting worse. Such a plan is typically divided into three zones: green, yellow, and red, just like a traffic light.

Once you’re in the green zone, it means your asthma is under control, your peak flow readings are in your healthy range, and you’re feeling healthy. But, if your symptoms start to worsen and your peak flow readings decline, you drop into the yellow zone, and there are certain actions, such as using your quick relief inhaler, that can help you move quickly back to your green zone.

If you’ve entered the yellow zone or the quick relief treatment doesn’t work, you may progress into your red zone, which indicates you are in a danger zone and need to seek medical help immediately. Any delay at this point may result in a severe asthma attack and other serious complications.

An action Plan for asthma is also a communications tool, between you and your doctor and if it is for your child with asthma between you and your child’s caregivers. It can help make sure that asthma treatment is consistent and timely.

Generally,having a asthma plan is not adequate, you also need to know how to use this tool to stop asthma attacks, before they get out of control and unmanageable.