Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Asthma Allergies

Asthma and allergies are not identical. Nevertheless, they are somewhat connected because the same types of reactions. An allergy is an inflammatory reaction to a substance. Allergic reactions can involve nasal membranes as well as the skin, eyes, and even the mouth.

Allergy symptoms will bring on itchy throats, stuffy noses, sneezing, red or irritated skin and burning or watery eyes. Many people suffer from allergies.

Asthma on the other hand is a chronic disorder that affects the lungs and your breathing. It will cause difficulty in breathing and is often accompanied by wheezing. Asthma is often brought on by certain triggers in the environment or may be intrinsic due to genetics.

Allergy symptoms can also be brought on by environmental triggers and can provoke asthma symptoms. Allergy attacks can lead to asthma attacks.

People who have asthma will also normally have allergies as well. About 80% of asthma in children and 50% of asthma in adults is related to allergies.

Both allergies and asthma are serious conditions. However, asthma tops the list. In spite of these facts it is possible to live a normal and happy life in spite of having allergies or asthma. 

In the case of asthma, this can be accomplished by creating an action plan that involves yourself, your physician & your family members.

The action plan should contain various objectives and actions such as:

How to prevent asthma attacks, what to do if you experience an asthma attack, list of triggers that cause your asthma, making family members aware about the asthma medications you take and training them to be able to administer your asthma medication if need be, natural remedies, know what type of asthma you have, list of medications you’ve been prescribed, which of these prescribed medications work for you & which ones don’t, how to manage side effects of prescription medicines and more…

The above are just some of the prevention’s & actions that should be included in your manage towards asthma, however, there are many other factors that need to be considered in order to control your asthma and not vice versa. 

You do not have to give up your goals and your dreams just because you have allergies or asthma. People with asthma lead normal lives and you or someone you know with asthma can lead a normal life too.