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Asthma Attack Causes

Measures You Can Take to Prevent or Minimize Asthma Attacks Caused by Pets.

Sad to say that pets we love like cats and dogs are often the major asthma triggers. A cute little kitten or lovable dog that your child or partner cannot live without it, is one of the triggers and if you develop asthma, you need immediate treatment and medication.

Contrary to what many people believe, it is the dander (dry flakes of skin), not the hair of the animal that actually is the cause of the problem. Your pet’s dander is shed continuously, but it is so small that it is invisible. As the dander is easily airborne and sticks readily to fibers it goes everywhere and gets on just about everything.

Dry flakes of skin

For instance if you have furniture, beds and rugs and you allow your pet to come inside the house and lay on them, they are certainly full of it. Even if you cuddle or play with your pet, it’s all over your clothing too. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of Fido or Garfield.

There are a number of alternative steps that can be taken.

Steam cleaning rugs and furniture in your home will help to remove the dander. Using a HEPA vacuum cleaner is also good. If possible getting rid of rugs is the best solution. Make sure your pet stays out of the asthma sufferer’s bedroom. Wash all bedding, floors and walls often to remove the dander. Then use a HEPA air purifier at night in the bedroom with the door closed.

Another step is, take your pet to the groomer for a shampoo once a week or have a family member wash your pet outside the house to ensure that the dander level is kept as low as possible. Long haired pets should get clipped shorter.

If your pet loves to show their appreciation by licking, this should be discouraged since their saliva will contain dander as well as proteins, which are also an asthma trigger for many asthma sufferers.

Lastly if you don’t have a pet is good, but if your friends or relatives do and a short visit to their home can be a problem for an asthma sufferer especially children who cannot resist playing with them. It is advisable that as soon as you reach home, shower your child immediately and wash their clothing to remove the dander.

Taking all these measures will give you a comfortable living with your beloved pet and also free from symptom. However, if your pet still makes you sick and your situation is more serious, then you may want to try a natural asthma treatment.