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Asthma Causes

Asthma is an ailment, which is produced due to the inflammation or swelling of the respiratory tract, or the airway. Every year, millions of people are becoming the victims of Asthma. The exact causes of asthma is not clearly understood, yet. But, many possible causes of Asthma have been suggested. Asthma is believed to be due to interaction of many factors, and these might be related to your genes, or the environmental factors.

Asthma is a type of hypersensitivity reaction. It is caused due to the over-reactivity of the respiratory tract or the airway to the environmental factors, like allergens, cold air, etc. Asthma belongs to the group of Type 1 hypersensitivity reactions.

Family history or heredity:

Asthma is known to be caused by the hereditary factors. Presence of asthma in the family members like parents, increases the probability of occurrence of the disease, in the kids too. The chances of occurrence of Asthma among the twins is also high. Scientists have mapped out several genes, which are responsible for causing asthma.


The demands of modernization are very exhaustive. We become prone to stress due to the need of keeping abreast with the modern day developments, and with our peers. Stress is also becoming a major part of our life, due to the increased competitive instincts, which are a need of the day. Stress is believed to be a major factor in the causation of asthma.

Allergens – Causes Of Asthma:

We might be allergic to several substances in the environment. These are called allergens. Allergens are the biggest culprits, which cause asthma, and also trigger asthma. Dust, pollen, house-mites, cat fur, animal dander, and food, are the major allergens, which cause asthma.

Nature is incredible, with its splendid plants and fascinating flowers. Everyone of us is fond of enjoying the enthralling beauty of the nature. But, not everyone is fortunate and blessed, to enjoy the amazing flowers, and their scent. Some of us are allergic to pollen, which is a constituent of flowers. So, they develop asthma symptoms, when exposed to the flowers and their pollen.

The effects of modernization on the environment are very catastrophic in the cause of asthma. Air, water, and even land has become polluted. Pollution plays are major role in triggering asthma. The fumes of gases released from the automobiles are the major culprits here. 

Even the exhausts released by the industries, adversely affect the health of these people. Dust is also implicated in exacerbating the symptoms of asthma. People exposed to very dusty environment can contract asthma easily.

Cat fur and animal dander are also major factors, which cause the symptoms of Asthma. many of us are fond of having pets, like cats and dogs. But, their fur can be a dangerous factor, which leads to asthma. So, people with asthma need to stay away from the pets.

Cold air:

The symptoms of asthma are worsened, in the winters, and when exposed to cold air. It might be tempting to go out in the cold air, and enjoy the breeze, and the fascinating beauty of the nature. But, its not at all advisable to do so. People with asthma need to stay away from the cold air.

Viral infections:

Some types of viral infections, like the respiratory syncytial virus, also play a major role in developing asthma. So, be very careful, when meeting people with respiratory infections. maintaining a good personal hygiene helps you to prevent viral infections- By Dr.Deepti