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Asthma Children Online Games

Learning of bronchial asthma can easily alter the kid’s attention span. This is because kids have strong resistance level from understanding their condition especially if the teaching process is too daunting.

Parents find it difficult to let their asthmatic kids comprehend the threat of asthma. Even doctors and other healthcare professionals have hard time teaching kids about their health problem. As a result, it can affect the child’s effective participation in dealing with bronchial asthma.

Lack of kid’s participation to asthma management can affect their survival rates. To make it more effective and enjoyable, parents and other medical practitioners are advised to utilize the following schemes in teaching kids about asthma.

Top Two Most Popular Online Asthma-Related Games

The game includes:


- is a game developed by ORCAS. This is an arcade game that contains series of puzzles and quests. However, the game is not just about solving every mission but incorporates essential details of managing asthma. 

Visual presentations of the lungs that are filled with mucus and secretions. The goal of the game is to clear these mucous by joining the Asthma Control Agency. 

The game elicits interactive questionnaires, which discuss about the importance of managing bronchial asthma. These questionnaires are part of the quests that players should survive to beat the culprits of the game. 

It is packed with animated illustration, which makes it more appealing for kids to learn the threat of asthma. These include the reasons why asthma attacks occur, medications and other first aid treatments for asthma, educational tips for managing asthma, and other essential details related to bronchial asthma. 

The Quest for the Code 

- is a mind-puzzling game that requires player to solve the puzzle and collect the clues. These clues are essential items to solve the mystery of the code. The goal of the game is to let kids understand the dilemma of having asthma attack and identify the effective ways for preventing this health threat.

Now that everyone has the privilege to have access on the Internet, it becomes easier to look for means on how to solve their personal concerns. This includes issues regarding the management of asthma. In line with the innovation of information technology, online games have been a part of the lives of people.

These online games are effective platforms that can easily get the attention of kids and even adults. This is why most medical industries are now using the advantages of incorporating health-related educational tools.

For asthma-related cases, online games such as Lungtropolis and Quest for the Codes are currently dominating the Internet for giving tips and advices in managing asthma. These games are designed not only to let kids understand their current health condition but it tails enjoyment and interactive methods for learning how to manage asthma effectively.

The game was developed by Starlight and it is free for everyone. Other features of the game are glossaries that discuss the important medical terms about asthma, chat options wherein players can communicate with health-care specialists and discuss about their asthma-related concerns, and parent’s resources that provide recommendations and health advices for managing asthma.

There are popular personalities in this game that provides video presentation about asthma management. Some of them are Whoopi Goldberg and Gwyneth Paltrow. The purpose of these videos is to inspire asthmatic persons to survive their condition with effective participation –By Edterchelle Soriano