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Asthma Children

Small but conscious how to treat asthma

Asthmatic children encounter a lot of difficulties and parents also face a lot of obstacles as they try to make their children come to terms with their asthma condition. 

A pediatrician is the best person to guide you during this time and he can give you some simple tips to help your child understand and cope with the condition and also lead a normal life.

Generally understanding the difference between the various types of asthma inhalers. Every child who has asthma will not need two inhalers but most children who are afflicted with asthma require two inhalers. One of these is used in preventing asthmatic attacks and this will have to be taken at regular intervals while the other provides relief in case an asthmatic attack occurs. 

It is vital to differentiate between inhalers and understand which one is needed to control the asthma. Many people use colored stickers and labels for this purpose. This will help in adding a nice personal touch to the inhaler. But you should make sure that none of the air holes and the intake vents are affected.

A proper routine should be established regarding the usage of the inhaler. A specific time should be decided for using the preventive inhaler everyday and this can be made to fit in with the rest of the daily routine. 

In case the inhaler has to be taken both in the morning and in the night, then this can be clubbed along with the timing of the daily brushing. The ingredients in some of the inhalers might harm the teeth and brushing after taking the inhaler will be a good idea.

The other children in the house should also be educated properly about the asthmatic condition of their sibling. Too much prominence for the condition could affect the child having asthma and also increase sibling rivalry. The other children might feel that they are not as important as their sibling who has asthma. 

Make sure that you spend some quality time with all your children and make them understand everything about asthma. This will make the children more aware about the condition and they will also be more confident and less insecure.

The topic of asthma should be completely open and it should be dealt with in complete honesty. Asthma is a serious condition both during childhood as well as adult hood and it should not be taken lightly. The child should know that he could come to you at any time with any doubts and queries, which he has. Finding answers to all their queries can sometimes help in saving their lives. 

Medical checkups for asthma should be held on a regular basis and it should not be delayed. The condition might improve at times and sometimes it might get worse. This makes it all the more essential for the doctor to keep checking the status of the child. The prescription might have to be changed at times.

It’s a good practice to never allow the child to use asthma as an excuse to get exempted from any activities at school. They should find ways to lead an absolutely normal life in spite of the condition. Certain precautionary measures in school, which can set off an asthmatic attack, can be avoided like a dusty blackboard and the child should stay inside when the weather is not good. 

Children should know about all the physical activities, which they can participate in despite their asthma. There are many things, which can cause an asthmatic attack. 

A HEPA air purifier should be used since it will help in getting rid of the dust, dust mites, dander,mold, mildew spores, smoke and odor ,and this will help in keeping the air in the house clean and healthy,and will aid your child in dealing with his asthma in a better manner.