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Asthma Nebulizer

A nebulizer is a device that vaporizes the liquid medicine which is easily inhaled into the lungs. It is a relief provider to children and adults indicating asthma symptoms or suffering from other COPD-related and respiratory problems.

Similar to an inhaler, the nebulizer also delivers the medicine in vapor form directly into the ailing lungs. The inhaler depends on the patient’s ability to coordinate by taking a deep inhalation with depressing the aerosol tube to deliver a metered-dose of medication whereas the nebulizer does everything for the patient.

If asthma sufferers, Thus, the asthma nebulizers are very helpful for children and adults who have problems with asthma inhalers. However, the doctor must prescribe the use of an asthma nebulizer before you can actually start the device.

In this article, we will give you some easy tips on how to use an asthma nebulizer.

Firstly, you should talk to your doctor the advantages and disadvantages of an asthma nebulizer. It has been observed that the mist delivery is the best treatment option for some patients whereas for others the use of regular inhalers or oral asthma medicines is much more effective. Your doctor will help you determine which is the best and maximum relief for you.

Talking about reimbursement from your insurance company. Many companies will pay you only if you submit valid prescriptions and authorization from your doctor. In order to help you in claiming insurance on medical equipment, it is a good idea if you request your practitioner to give you prescriptions for both, the liquid medicines and the asthma nebulizer.

Purchase a nebulizer model that is suitable to your needs. Read the instruction manual very carefully, assemble all the parts of the nebulizer and also test the machine. You should have clear knowledge of which medicine to use in the nebulizer cup, what dosage and whether you need to add saline to the mixture.

Whenever you get severe asthma attacks, treat yourself with the asthma nebulizer. Simply place the medicine in the nebulizer cup and put the mask over your face. Turn on the machine, inhale the mist into your lungs and exhale slowly.

To prevent sudden asthma flare-ups, you should use the nebulizer regularly. The nebulizer will deliver the medicine and settle in your lungs evenly and slowly.

Accidental drinking or inhaling liquid asthma medication can be dangerous, so always remember to store it out of the reach of small children, even though it is their medicine.