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Asthma Problems

There is nothing pleasant about an asthma attack. Anyone that suffers with asthma knows how serious these attacks can get. Millions of people around the world suffer from asthma. The causes can range from allergies to reasons unknown. Often there will be something that can cause asthma to get worse. People with asthma will often avoid certain things so they don’t have an attack.

What is an attack like?

There is pressure, pain and tightness of the chest. It gets very difficult to breathe and taking in a breath can be painful. Many people will wheeze at the onset of an attack. There will be shortness of breath and often the symptoms are accompanied with coughing. It is very common for an asthma attack to be accompanied with a panic attack. A person will have great difficulty getting their breath. They begin to panic and this only worsens the attack. Sometimes lips and fingernails will turn blue since there is a lack of oxygen.

It is important to remain calm during an asthma attack. Often the person will get their breath again in a few minutes. Panicking will only prolong the effects of the attack. Many people take medicine that comes in the form of inhalers. These inhalers will help the airways to open, allowing the sufferer to breathe. 

Sometimes steroid inhalers are used. Although there are a few side effects, the medicine works very well. Many people will rely on daily medicine to keep their asthma under control. Only a doctor can prescribe these medicines. Bronchodilators are used to combat attacks. These are used at the onset of an asthma attack. Steroid and anti-inflammatory medicines are used to treat asthma on a daily basis.

With the right medicine asthma can be kept at bay. There is no need for panic or concern when you choose to get on the right medications. People live long, full lives when they have asthma. If you are a sufferer, consider the fact that it is treatable and you don’t have to be concerned with constant attacks.

People of all ages can get asthma. Babies, children and adults suffer from asthma. It is also very widespread. You should continue to avoid the things that trigger your asthma, take the right daily medications and use your inhaler at the first sign of an attack. There is no reason you can’t live a normal life even with asthma. Just relying on an inhaler, can be a mistake. The treatment for asthma calls for daily therapy. 

Your asthma will never be under control as long as you don’t take daily medicine.

Enjoy your life even when you have asthma. Use your medications and live a normal life. Remember, if you do have an asthma attack you need to avoid panicking. You also need to use your inhaler immediately to avoid worsening symptoms. Your breath will return in a few minutes. You can then go about your life as usual 

If you have asthma or suspect that you have asthma, it is important to contact a doctor. They can prescribe the right medicines for you - By Penny Stump