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Asthma Intimate Relationship

According to Sigmund Freud, a psycho-sociologist, he explained that sex (coitus) belongs to the physiologic needs of a person. Moreover, several sexual therapists also believe that this intimate activity serves as a form of active exercise, which can promote physical and psychological health.

However, sex is always an issue for people suffering from bronchial asthma. As a matter of fact, asthmatic individuals may suffer from altered sexual needs and later can affect their marital relationship.

Is sex safe for asthmatics?

This is the most common question that may preoccupy the thoughts of an asthmatic person. But this question is often raised by them because of the stigma it generates to an individual’s self-esteem. Furthermore, physicians are not including this issue during the consultation process.

As a result, it is often disregarded and may lead to solitary isolation caused by inability to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Current Trends of Sex and Asthma

According to a study made by the researchers in Illinois, USA, there are over 20 million Americans suffering from bronchial asthma. 60% of the total population is adults. Out of this number, several researches related to sex have been identified as a factor that is greatly affected by asthma.

Below are the research findings of asthma and sex:

  1. 1 out of 100 asthmatics in America asks their doctor about the safety level of engaging to sex.
  2. 80% of American asthmatic adults were rushed in the emergency room by having sexual intercourse in the last five days.
  3. 65% in the total population have reported that their sexual needs are partially met and 35% stated that they evaded sex after being diagnosed of bronchial asthma.
  4. Sexual intercourse had been enlisted in the top ten activities affected by respiratory distress (asthma attack).

Asthmatic females have more satisfying sexual needs than asthmatic males.

This study shows that sex is a very crucial activity for asthmatic people. It can precipitate the attack due to the hyperactivity of the body organs. During the excitement phase, asthmatics may feel chest tightness along with breathing problems. 

As a result, climactic phase is not achieved. In turn, it can affect the personal integrity and emotional distress occurs.

How Can I Improve My Sex Life?

There are some selective measures that can be applied for asthmatic individuals. However, not all of these practices are considerably beneficial to every asthmatic person. Most asthma specialist will recommend people suffering from asthma to keep a thorough assessment of their respiratory condition.

This includes constant monitoring of the lung capacity, regular treatment, and constant follow-up or consultation to their respective doctors. Physicians will also suggest some easy-to-do exercises to measure the capacity of an asthmatic in engaging to sex. These exercises include walking of a 2 flight staircase, a 1-kilometer pace walking, deep breathing exercises, and other aerobic activities.

When engaging to sex, asthmatics should be particular in choosing of comfortable sexual positions. Ideally, the asthmatic should elevate their upper body to accommodate sufficient lung expansion. 

Staying upright is the safest sexual position to avoid asthma attack. Foreplay can contribute to the satisfaction of sexual needs-By Edterchelle Soriano.