Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Asthma Stress

Is your asthma condition causing you stress?

Many people who suffer from frequent asthma attack encounter high level of stress. Even when they are free from the attack, it is possible they are in the state of phobia all the time. Their mind will be in a state of perplexity to an extent of this life-threatening condition. This unnecessary stress will aggravates their asthma condition.

Stress is known as a silent killer. Prolonged acute stress can break down the immune system of your body as well as the normal functions of your vital organ such as your liver and kidneys. Complication will arise when added to the asthma and breathing problems and worsen your health condition.
Stress is very harmful to our bodies, both mentally and physically.

One technique of stress management is that you must be able to define mentally the source of your stress such as the controllable and uncontrollable outcome. You must focus on the controllable actions and be able to accept the uncontrollable results whatever they may be, knowing that you have done your best within your capabilities.

Work related asthma is due to stress at your workplace. One step to deal with it is to discuss with your boss regarding your work load and responsibilities. Work out a plan with your superior that supports to avoid stress. For instance if you are over pressured with work, whether you can delegate some tasks to other colleagues or otherwise eliminate some unnecessary work processes.

It is very important to your health that you start to manage your stress. Though initially it may take mental and conscious effort to do so, eventually you will in a better position to control your mind and life.

At times stress could be due to an imbalance in the hormones of your body that causes acute fatigue and lethargy. Regular exercise and a good well-balanced diet will help to cleanse your system and balance your hormones to attain a clear fresh mind.

Always remember, medical drugs only treats the symptoms of asthma and not a cure. So prevention is better than cure.