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Asthma Treatment Option

There are various types of treatments for asthma today in the market.

People who suffer from the breathing disorder have quite a few options to consider. However this option is not suitable for pregnant person. Doctors can prescribe a number of medications that prove to be successful in reducing the symptoms associated with the disease.

In a woman’s life, one of the most exciting times is when she is expecting a baby. During this period, the pregnant woman goes through a lot of emotional and physical changes which are unexpected and uncomfortable. A woman can have sleepless nights, become irritable and also feel sick.

Breathing problems, in addition to all the other symptoms of pregnancy can really be a burden. Appropriate asthma treatments that can be administered during pregnancy can put the woman’s mind at ease. However, finding asthma treatments is not always so easy especially if you are pregnant.

Asthma is quite common in every countries around the world. Anyone who has suffered an asthma attack knows the symptom like an exacerbation or attack that involves coughing, wheezing and the fearful feeling of being breathless. Asthma treatments are developed to improve the symptoms associated with the attack.

Unfortunately, the developing baby in the womb takes in oxygen through his mother’s breathing. If the mother is not getting any air, neither is the fetus. The baby is dependent on the mother’s breathing to get the appropriate supply of oxygen he needs to survive. When a woman has an exacerbation, the baby is at risk for not getting enough oxygen. This can be very dangerous to the developing fetus.

Many women, before they become pregnant and have used medication as asthma treatments often stop the treatment because they are frighten that the medication will effect the baby.

However, it is best to consult a physician before quitting the medication completely. To determine whether to quit the treatment or not, you should furnish your doctor with all the details of your condition.

Remember the more severe the exacerbation, the more dangerous it is for the baby. Quitting the medication will do no good but only put your baby at a greater risk due to the severe asthma attack that will do more harm to the fetus than the medication.