Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Asthma Triggers

There are several asthma triggers that can bring on an asthma attack. Many of these triggers can be avoided. This will prevent unwanted attacks and give you a chance to live a better life. There are several indoor triggers that you can control. There are also outside triggers that you can avoid. Not all triggers will be able to be controlled. Knowing what to avoid will help you with asthma attacks.

Indoor Asthma Triggers

Many of the indoor asthma triggers can be controlled and contained. Pet dander, dust mites, mold and cockroaches are some of the common triggers. By keeping a clean home you can control these triggers. Often by vacuuming often you will be able to get dust mites under control. You can also choose to have a home that doesn’t have much carpeting. Avoid stuffed animals and other things that can hold dust mites.

You will also want to keep mold under control. This is an indoor trigger that you can prevent. If you own a pet you will want to bathe him often to control pet dander. If your asthma attacks persist, you may have to give your pets to another home. Not everyone with asthma is able to have a pet.

Other Asthma Triggers

If you notice your attacks are happening in the workplace you may want to talk to your boss so you are able to avoid such things as paint odors, perfume and cleaning solutions. These can all trigger an asthma attack. Talk to the women in your workplace to ask them if they could avoid wearing perfume. Perfume is a major trigger for an attack.

Smoke will also exacerbate asthma. This includes tobacco smoke and wood smoke. You may want to avoid campfires and fireplaces. You will also want to avoid smokers when they are smoking. Make sure you don’t smoke and if you do, consider quitting immediately.

Air Pollution Causes Asthma Attacks

Although you can’t really control air pollution, you can do things to avoid it. When the air is bad outside your home you should consider closing all windows and doors. This will prevent the polluted air from outside entering your home. 

Try to avoid outside work so you aren’t breathing air that could cause and attack. When driving to work keep your windows up and talk to your employer to get him to keep windows closed in your workplace.

It is possible to live a good life even when you have asthma. You can keep triggers down so you can control asthma attacks. There is medications that will improve your breathing and help you to avoid attacks. There are also medications that will help you when you have an attack. Do what you can to control the triggers and avoid those you cannot control. 

When you learn what triggers your attacks you will be better able to live with your asthma and limit the number of attacks you have. Colds and flu can also cause attacks. Whenever possible avoid those who have colds and flu so you don’t get sick. Avoiding triggers can make it possible for you to lessen the number of attacks that you have – By Penny Stump