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Childhood Asthma Symptoms

Asthma symptoms can be very difficult to detect because they are more-less similar to allergy and cold symptoms. This is also the reason why asthma in children is usually misdiagnosed. In this article you will be thought how to identify the symptoms of childhood asthma and also the treatment used for asthma today.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is an inflammation of the airways. Airway in the lungs become over sensitive due to asthma. It results in wheezing, coughing and difficulty breathing. Childhood asthma is now the most common chronic childhood illness.

Asthma Symptoms

As mentioned above asthma results in wheezing when exhaling, coughing and difficulty breathing. It also results in chest tightness and chest congestion. Reasons why it can be hard to diagnose is because children who are suffering from asthma are usually always short of breath during and after playing, but so are asthma free children. Asthmatic children never really recover fully after a respiratory infection or a cold. They have trouble sleeping due to their inability to breathe properly.

If you are in doubt of any symptom particularly if you feel it is more than just a cold your child is suffering from then go to your doctor and get his/her advice. Treatment is more effective if caught early.

What the Doctor Will Do

The doctor will seek for a heredity of respiratory problems in the family(if any) and a detailed description of the child’s symptoms. If the child is old enough the doctor will test how much air the child can exhale and inhale and with how much force. These test can measure both, breathing at rest and then after some physical activity. However these tests cannot really be carried out in younger children. In younger children the doctor will rely on exactly what you tell him about the child’s symptoms in order for him to make a diagnosis.

The Effect and Triggers of Asthma

Children who suffer from asthma have over sensitive immune systems. This means that these children are more sensitive to allergens and smoke which causes the airway to become inflamed and swollen resulting in a thick mucus occurring in the lungs. Other trigger of childhood asthma can be childhood illnesses such as colds, viruses, allergen, dust, mould and pollution etc.

How to Prevent Asthma and the Solution

To prevent a child from developing asthma, do not smoke during pregnancy, do not smoke in the same house as a child and keep your house as dust free as possible.

When a child is found with asthma they are normally given 2 different inhalers to use; one to prevent attacks from occurring and one to help clear the child’s airways when they are having an asthma attack. Periodical usage of the prevention inhaler for your child will reduce the symptoms.