Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Chronic Asthma Overview

In many, chronic asthma, being a severe condition affects the person’s lifestyle. So much so they might need special medical attention or possibly be hospitalized.

A shortage of air to and from the lungs results when there’s a flare up in the airways. The lungs are in constant need of air, and without it the consequences could be fatal.

The National Institute of Health classifies asthma into four types. They include mild intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, and severe persistent. Those with chronic asthma are placed in the severe persistent group.

The symptoms in the other three types are different than chronic asthma. Symptoms of severe asthma such as wheezing, sudden chest tightness, and breathlessness will happen daily as opposed to other types. When the bronchial tubes are close and completely blocked, the air is not able to pass through, then sometimes wheezing would not been heard.

It is advisable for sufferers to take along their medication wherever they go. This way , when the symptoms of an asthma attack arise, the condition can be managed successfully. This will also help prevent a possible life threatening disease and reduce the occurrence of chronic asthma attacks.

For chronic asthma, the treatment will depend on age of the sufferer. Normally for severe asthma, physicians will treat on a step to step method. The objective of the treatment is to get the lungs to function properly and allow the sufferer to live a normal life.

No one should ever underestimate the seriousness of chronic asthma. If possible, get checked out periodically by a family doctor. For those who are unfortunate to have regular access to a health practitioner or doctor, try to see doctors consistently so they can diagnose you properly and determine which treatment is necessary.

Patients should also know as much as they can about their condition. Similarly the sufferers should notify their family, close friends and even office colleagues or school staffs that they have this chronic asthma. It is very helpful in case of an attack, as those around you will understand what is happening and can help manage the situation better. Educating yourself with more informations about chronic asthma is the best way to control it for a healthy life.