Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Control Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a very serious disease. When a person diagnosed with moderate-persistent asthma, I know how it feels to try to catch your breath and cough at the same time. I am also aware of how embarrassing having an attack is. If you are asthmatic, or know someone who has asthma, continue reading.

Nevertheless the cure is yet to be announced, asthma attacks are very much controllable. Just follow these tips:

1. Consult your doctor for preventive medicines

This is the most important. Technology has given asthmatics the chance to live normal lifestyles by inventing drugs. I cannot recommend a drug for you to use, because it has to be tailored to each individual. Besides, you need a prescription.

2. Ask a lot of questions to your doctor.

Do your research. Your doctor will not fully give you what you need to know unless you start asking. Ask what this medicine does, or what you should do, or what you should avoid. Again, ask questions. Don’t worry about being annoying, you’re paying them for their advices!

3. Avoid your asthma triggers.

Asthma triggers are the objects that cause you to have an attack. They could be animal hair or feathers, dust or pollen. They can also be specific food or drugs. Stress and certain diseases like cough or colds also cause you to have an attack. The key is to identify what causes your attacks and avoid them.

4. Strengthen your immune system.

I should also stress the importance of strengthening your immune system. Because asthma is also triggered by stress and certain illnesses, you should stop getting sick and start being healthy. Exercise and eat healthful foods.

5. Explore alternatives

Researches say that yoga and pilates can reduce the episodes of asthma attack. Also the Buteyko method of breathing is reported to reduce asthma attacks.

6. Be more responsible.

It is your illness and it is only you who can manage and control it. Go along with the advices above, be vigilant, and keep on doing research!