Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Infants Asthma

As parents with children you want them to be healthy, but more and more children are getting asthma these days. Babies with asthma are especially prone to developing this condition.

However, asthma can be controlled, and in some cases your child may even outgrow their susceptibility. There are many things that you can teach your children to do which will help them deal with asthma on a day to day basis.

If they succeed in learning to control it, well then they will be able to do everything else their friends do without feeling like they are inferior. Asthma is defined by doctors as an illness in which the passageways to the lungs narrow drastically, restricting the airflow.

Children may have a whistling sound when they exhale, and asthmatic infants may develop a cough at night. Asthma may also be more noticeable after children exercise or run around outside; they will become short of breath and find it harder to breathe normally.

There are many things which can trigger the lining in your child’s lungs for it to become inflamed, which will then cause the asthmatic reaction.

Asthma is mostly caused by irritating agents such as pets, dust mites, and infections. Some children cannot be exposed to any of these irritants that will aggravate their asthma further. Although you can try to eliminate several of these factors, occasionally your child may experience recurrent asthmatic symptoms.

You will need to teach your child how to stay charm and breathe through the problem. The more worried and stressed your child gets, the tighter the airways will become.

You will need to help your child to fully appreciate his/her asthma condition. Infants with asthma can learn at a very young age what they need to do if they feel short of breath.

You will need to do an immense amount of research on infants with asthma and the effects it can have on your child’s life. Although your child may have this condition, you do not want it to take over your whole family’s life.

You can ask for help from your physician, who will be able to advise on treatments and alternatives to steroids. You need to encourage your child to exercise and keep fit. This will help to open up the child’s lungs and prevent getting out of breath easily. Although many people may think that exercise should be avoided, this is untrue.

You want your child’s lungs to be opened up as much as possible. Although there are many things which can trigger your child’s asthma, hopefully they will outgrow the illness.

If they don’t, then you will need to become better informed about how best to deal with the asthma condition, in order to help your child to breathe through an asthma attack.

For a child suffering from asthma, an attack can be a scary experience. Toddlers, especially, can get upset easily, so you need to be supportive and help your child deal with asthma attacks when they happen.

Babies with asthma parents need to understand that if they can learn to deal with asthma attack in the correct way, the infants quality of life will improve.