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Kids Ideal Asthma Gifts

Celebrating Halloween can sometimes challenge adults for finding the right gifts to kids with asthma. It involves critical decision-making because giving the wrong item can put someone’s life at risk of developing asthma attacks.

As a result, parents will play safe and treat their asthmatic kids with tasty foods instead of enjoyable items. If you are one of those parents, who have difficulties in choosing the right Halloween gifts for asthmatic kids then below are the recommended selections to resolve your concerns.

The struggle of finding gifts to asthmatic kids is very imminent especially if they are highly sensitive to minimum amount of allergens. To give you solutions for choosing the right Halloween picks, below are the six most popular items that are indicative for asthmatic children:

Top Six Gifts for Asthmatic Kids during Halloween Season

1. Personalized Tees.

Giving of personalized t-shirts that may suit a kid’s color preference is a good choice. You can request for special designs that could uplift the esteem of asthmatic kids. 

For instance, printed shirts that contain encouraging words such as “I Can do Beat Asthma” or “I Will Survive Asthma” are very engaging thoughts that can help kids realize their potentials of fighting their health condition

2. Cartoon Air Purifiers.

Kids love cartoons and animations. To suffice their wants this coming Halloween, look for cartoon air purifiers in the department stores. There are air purifiers that are designed with Disney cartoon or Japanese anime characters. This is not just designed as survival kit but its aesthetic effect makes it more enticing for asthmatic kids.

3. Asthma-Related DVDs.

There are multimedia items that are designed to let kids learn the facets of surviving asthma. Some of these items are made to help kids understand their current health condition. Videos such as “Arthur Goes to the Doctor” or “Facing West: A Story of the Oregon Trail” are just few movie selections that are educational for asthma-related items.

4. Story Books Related to Asthma.

Medical industries are becoming innovative in terms of designing educational tool for health problems. These include bronchial asthma, wherein manufacturers are producing colorful and imaginative books that discuss about this health problem. For instance, the “ABC of Asthma” is an illustrious and educational book that makes learning about asthma enjoyable for kids.

5. ID Jewelries.

Sometimes, wearing of medical ID for asthmatic kids can lower their self-esteem. As a result, they tend to avoid wearing this indicative item and place their life at risk of developing asthmatic attacks. To prevent this issue, giving them with medical ID jewelries instead of plain identification tag is a better option.

6. Asthma-Friendly Stuffed Toys.

Kids love cuddling their stuff toys but are these safe? Well, there are asthma-friendly stuff toy designed to be hypoallergenic. These items are free from possible medium of allergens and can be carried by asthmatic kids anytime. Some of these are animal stuff toys such as bear, dogs, cats, and tiger. Instead of giving them actual pets that can precipitate their asthma, give them anime stuff toys that are indicative for asthma.

These are the six highly recommended Halloween picks for your asthmatic kids. Just make sure not to over surprise them. You can now start looking for special memorabilia for your asthmatic kids and make their Halloween to be memorable for them – By Edterchelle Soriano