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Recognizing Asthma Cough


Persistent coughing over several weeks that is not tolerable especially at night disturbing your sleep could very well be the symptom of asthma. In fact, in about one out of every two sufferers, coughing is the main symptom.

As a chronic cough usually follow cold symptoms or it may be a symptom of some other condition, it is difficult to associate it as a symptom of asthma. The best course of action is to seek your doctor to diagnose whether it is asthma or not.

Asthma Or A Cough?

Asthma cough is not suspected by many sufferers initially simply because the symptom could be associated with any number of other conditions. However, persistent and chronic night time cough should not be ignored and you should seek your doctor’s opinion immediately.

Not Just A Child’s Disease

Asthma is not just a disease affecting children, in fact adults have more than 10 percent chance of developing asthma symptoms in their lives. This is the reason why it is important to recognize a persistent cough as possibly more than a severe cold or flu.

During working life, they may be constantly exposed to non allergic triggers such as workplace irritants or even hormonal changes. Isolating the times when a cough is at it’s worst is important when discussing your situation with a doctor.

Did You Know?

Peak Flow Meter is the best way to monitor asthma. It relay information such as the state of a person’s lung function showing how well a person is breathing. Complacency is a problem with asthma sufferers and peak flow meters are a good indicator even when things appear to be normal.

Asthma Cough Facts

Wheezing is associated with this type of cough and it is described as non productive. meaning it does not produce wheezing. It’s an irritating experience in the fact it has an almost hollow sound and the irritation in the throat seems unmovable. If the cough goes unchecked, shortness of breath or even episodes of vomit can occur.


In children, the episodes will be frequent and parents should keep a check on when the coughing is at it’s worst. Isolating these times is valuable information for your doctor. It may occur most when the child is at play or during the night. You also want to check the child’s breathing and look for rapid breathing. If the cough is breaking up normal sleep habits or it’s so pronounced that it wakes the child, then your doctor will need to know.

Treating Asthma Cough

Bronchodilators are very effective as a quick relief method of treatment. It helps to relax the bronchial tube muscles. The airway passages react by opening and the person begins to breathe again as normal. A good asthma management strategy will involve the use of both quick reliever medicine. Anti-inflammatory medications are designed to reduce the inflammation of the bronchial tube walls.