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Sex Related Allergies

Undeniably, sex can jeopardize the current health condition of an asthmatic person. This had led them to look for other alternatives that can gratify their personal satisfaction. Basically, there are various types of sex that can benefit people suffering from asthma.

Some sexual practices can easily gratify the satisfaction of a person. However, these particular practices are still considered unsafe for them because in other way, it can still distress the respiratory functions. 

Furthermore, sex is not the only main trigger of asthma attack. There are other factors related to sexual intercourse that can also precipitate the condition. These factors may be classified as allergens that can contribute to the systemic lung malfunction. 

What is the Other Sex-Related Factors Causing Asthma?

Researchers and asthma specialist in Melbourne, Australia found out that sex is not just the main culprit of asthma attack during this intimate activity. There are other underlying factors that can predispose asthmatics to suffer from respiratory distress.

These factors include:

  1. Latex Allergy:Using of condom may not be favorable for some asthmatics. This is true because condom is made of latex and other active ingredients used for lubrication. Allergic reactions brought by latex can stimulate the immune system to release histamine.As a result, several physiologic functioning such as lung capacity is affected.
  2. Human Seminal Allergy:There are rare cases of allergy to semen. This is an abnormal sign of body response towards human secretions. Often times, female asthmatics complain of chest tightness after being exposed to seminal fluids.The immune system becomes hyperactive,which may lead to the production of immunoglobulin responsible for the inflammatory processes.
  3. Sexual Position:There are various sexual positions, which limit the capacity of an asthmatic person. Choosing of unsafe sexual position can compromise their lung capacity. Aside from bodily compromises, emotional excitement such as sex can increase their chance of having an attack. Therefore, begin the activity (if not contraindicated) by doing foreplay until the body (especially the lungs) is fully adjusted to accommodate lung expansion.
  4. Environmental Factors:Having sex in a very humid place or any areas that have extreme temperature can cause asthma attack. Aside from humidity, there are other hideous allergens that can trigger the asthma during sexual activity. These include the use of erotic fumes that have strong scents, using of accessories that can enhance the sexual activity, and unkempt bed paraphernalia.

All of these items can predispose an asthmatic individual to critical respiratory arrest.

The extent of asthma attack depends on the personal experience of an asthmatic person. Some of them may complain of painful breathing right after foreplay. Others may manifest the signs and symptoms of asthma attack for the first two hours after sex.

The description of bronchial asthma related to sex is irregular. It means that their tolerance towards sex-induced asthma may vary from one person to another. In any cases, it is still important that they should consult their doctors before engaging to this intimate activity. 

This can prevent them from worsening their condition and may fully enjoy sex despite of their current health status – By Edter